We all know we have some self-limiting beliefs but it is difficult to know what they are. Since everyone has them we can easily identify some of the more common ones. These beliefs get in our way of doing things and having the experiences and outcomes that would make our lives richer and more fulfilling. They can stop us in our tracks. They are obstacles that many of us never overcome because we are either not aware of them or we choose not to address them. Let’s take a look at them and you can decide if any of them are getting you your way.

Here are four of the most common ones in all of their glory.

You are not good enough. This is probably the most common of them all. We think we do not deserve the good things in life because we have done something bad or just are not a good enough person to deserve good things. Somehow we think we have to earn the positive things in our lives. Check your own past to see where this belief came from. Does it still make sense? Is there something more beneficial that you can believe about yourself?
People don’t really like you. This is a general underlying fear of many, many people. We all have a need to be accepted and we are afraid that we are not. That keeps us from being as outgoing and friendly as we might be and in turn we appear less friendly than we really are. Then we feel people don’t like us.
You and your ideas will be rejected. This is kind of a combination of the first two yet it is different and separate from them. The distinction here is that there will be active pushing away of your ideas and you yourself. No one likes to be rejected so this belief stops us before we can even offer our ideas or ourselves up for consideration.
You cannot be successful. This belief says that there is literally nothing that you can do to be successful so you might as well not even try. It stands in our way of getting started and often makes us avoid and reject things out of hand. It acts as an excuse not to make an effort.
As you can see from just these four self-limiting beliefs, they act against us in many ways. They lead to procrastination, they dash our aspirations and hopes, they shatter our self-esteem and they cause us to lose focus and get off our path to success. Look at your own self-limiting beliefs and try to figure out where they came from and then replace them with more empowering beliefs that will allow you to move forward.

Lynn Banis, PhD, MCC
Thig High Performance Coach

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